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Having worked in English Language Learning (ELL) for 35 years, I have taught English to international students of all ages and levels.


I work with adults on conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and goals. Conversation often revolves around current events, cultural differences, and US travel. I enjoy guiding my students not only in their language study but also in their local experience as they adjust to life in a new country.


Elementary to high school aged students come to me for instruction to supplement ELL services they receive at school. These sessions are filled with vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, conversation, pronunciation, and cultural lessons. Favorite projects include keeping a personal dictionary, reading modern and classic children’s books, and writing journal entries documenting  time spent in Seattle.

Lessons are geared toward each student using his/her strengths to improve areas of struggle. My multi-sensory approach enhances retention of concepts learned. Games, music, and art activities are used to practice and automate skills. I adhere to the philosophy that language learning is over learning; therefore, we will circle back to review constantly and thoroughly. As in all fields of study, a strong foundation means a better outcome. I will not rush through material for the sake of reaching a higher level more quickly. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to language fluency.


Private lessons. Beginner to advanced, all ages. Semi-private lessons. Offered when suitable match is available. Small group class focused on American culture, customs, and holidays. Most appropriate for newcomers with English ability at beginning to intermediate level. Offered when three or more students have interest.

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